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1. To participate, you can post your own icons for review. Then, members of the community will be able to post comments on the icons.

With that being said, NO ICON REQUESTS. This is NOT the community for that. If you want someone to make you an icon, go to iconrequests. There are literally hundreds of icon communities out there willing to make you an icon!

2. This community is for constructive criticism! No bashing! If someone is bashing, they will be banned from the community. Please contact me (my info is below the rules) if it seems that I have not responded to one of these situations.

To prevent someone posting a comment, promptly deleting it, and thus getting away with it, I ask that anyone who has been getting negative comments from someone else through this community to forward the comment e-mail(s) to me.

If anyone else spots a negative comment and I have not taken action on it, I ask that they e-mail me or IM me as soon as possible.

3. Anyone using this community to start internet drama will be banned. Deleting comments with valid points of criticism will be deemed immature and will either result in a warning or an immediate ban as I see fit. If you cannot take criticism, don't join!

4. All comments in this community are going to be IP logged. This helps me identify trolls and the like (especially effective if one person is using 2 or more journals on the same computer).

5. Please post the icons in the actual entry. Do not give a link to the icons that you want reviewed as that's extra work for the community members. Nonetheless, you are allowed to post a link to your icon journal / website as a supplement to posting your icons.

Journal: merky
E-mail: merky@headkablooie.com
AIM: And If It Were

Journal: telescopica
E-mail: bumblefrogg3290@hotmail.com
AIM: llunatwilightt

The layout uses the font Fight This, as well as Radio9xSplatzz brushes (from deviantart) and Crinkled brushes (from I don't know where).

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